Search Engine Optimisation

Everything you need to get your business found in Google. We don’t take on anyone we don’t think we can assist. We will teach you about keyword optimisation, backlinking and blogging, and direct you forward. Take a browse of what we can do for you, and let’s chat.

Option 1 – SEO Setup

1. Set up your Google Analytics account and tracking so you can monitor the traffic to your site and goal conversions from your contact us form.

2. Set up Webmaster Tools so you will be instantly alerted of any errors on your site.

3. Set up a Site Map so all your pages will be indexed in Google.

4. Optimise Page Titles and Meta Descriptions for your 6 pages

5. Submit your business website to Google Places so your contact details will appear in Google search

So we’ll tell you what YOU can do to your website to make it perform better in search engines, and avoid the hefty monthly fees most SEO companies charge.

Option 2- SEO Site Audit

We’ll perform an SEO site audit of your website and identify errors and areas of improvement.

Option 3 – DIY SEO Strategy –

Your DIY strategy and recommendations are customised but we’ll ensure you:

Option 4 – Monthly Maintenance /month

Want us to do the heavy lifting? Not a problem. We also provide monthly services from $599/month.

Month 1

Initial audit, review & recommendations

Monthly Maintenance (general inclusions)

Regular audit & review

General audit to ensure no new errors and review of previous month’s recommendations.

Constant on-page keyword optimisation

Keyword research to optimise page titles, meta descriptions, link structure etc. (ongoing).

Blog + content outreach strategy

Idea generation and suggestions for outreach and implementation.

Monthly performance report

“Wow! This service was so impressive. Organic traffic to my site increased by 156.6% in just 3 months.”


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